I had a mind once. Now I have small children.

Friday, August 5, 2011

End of Summer Update

Well, we are almost there!!! School starts in 10 days for Mario, and 17 days for Luigi! Not that I am counting or anything, but jeez, this summer has dragged on for a while! Now, I realize that I haven't written anything for a while, so I'm here to give you an update on happenings in Mario World.

First of all, the reason I haven't been writing much is because I got a shiny new toy that I can't keep my hands off of! I love my new iPhone! It's so pretty, and smart, and full of fun things. I don't know how I lived with my "non-smart" phone for so long. Seriously. Bowser says I am a little too obsessed with it, but what does he know? Just because I carry it all over the house with me, and compulsively check my Facebook from wherever I happen to be, doesn't mean I am obsessed. A little crazed, maybe. But, not obsessed. Definitely not... Oh, look! Someone wants to play Words with Friends! Be right back...

Moving along... I struggled for the last few days with a preschool decision for Luigi. Man, I can really destroy brain cells by over-analyzing decisions. The preschool we love was just too expensive. I found another school that seemed awesome for a much more affordable price. After bombarding my friends with scrutiny of every last detail, a posting on Facebook, and crying 3 nights in a row to Bowser about how I could ruin Luigi's life with the wrong decision, I finally realized that it is just preschool. As long as I am happy with it and HE is happy with it, everything will be fine. We decided to go with the new and less expensive school and I feel good with my decision. It is a very fundamentalist church that offers the school, so as long as I don't scare them away with my ink and Green Day blasting out my windows in the mornings, I think it's gonna be great.

Peach is kind of making my crazy. My mother always said that someday I would have a daughter and my mother would get her revenge. Ok, Zaz, that day has come. Peach is well on her way to winning the Academy Award for Best Dramatic Actress. This girl can squeeze out crocodile tears at a moment's notice. And I swear she already knows how to manipulate her brothers to get whatever she wants. She is obsessed with her Paci and frankly, I haven't had the energy to take it away from her. Someday soon, the Paci Fairy is coming and I will be rid of the green oral fixation for good. When the boys are in school, we are moving on to potty training. And then, I will officially be baby-free, which is a little sad, but also incredibly exciting.
(**Quick update--last night, she gave it up! And the Paci Fairy left her a beautiful flower and some m&m's for doing such a good job! Yay!)

Mario is going to be starting third grade in just a couple of weeks! Third Grade!!! I remember third grade. I was in Ms. Morgan's class and she had this awesome pink VW Bug pencil holder/sharpener thing as a prize to whoever did the best at Math Minutes. Oh, how I wanted that car. I wanted it to sit on my desk, all shiny and pretty and MINE. Alas, I have never been a math whiz, and the car went to my friend Jellicle Cat. I'm still jealous. But, I digress... My Mario is now a third grader. I am taking him on a "date" this afternoon, just the two of us. Last night he said, "Mom, that sounds really boring to go to a restaurant and talk to each other." I had to explain that a date could mean doing lots of different things. "Ok," he replied, "But, could you PLEASE stop calling it a date? That is what boyfriends and girlfriends do when they want to kiss." Ummm... Ok... What? ...sigh...

Bowser and I are coming up on our 10 year anniversary this month. 10 years. When we look at our wedding pictures it seems like a lifetime ago. Who are those young kids, with no real responsibilities, no little people hanging off them, and with huge smiles on their faces??? That was us? Well, 10 years later, and I am happy to say that despite real responsibility hanging over us, lots of little people crawling on us at all times, and the worry lines that have sometimes replaced the smiles, I still kinda like him. I guess I'll keep him around for another 10 years, if he'll have me.

And that is about it here. We are getting close to the end of summer. I can't say I will miss this insanely hellish heat. Fall is just around the corner and it is welcome to come whenever it wants. Enjoy the last few days of break, everyone!