I had a mind once. Now I have small children.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Every summer, my husband's family plans a big camping trip. The entire family gets together, heads up to the mountains and camps for a weekend. Sounds like fun, right? Oh, heck no! It's not that I don't love his family, because I really, really do. It's really more of a.... Well, a camping thing. I realize that I live in the most Outdoor Friendly State Ever, but here's the thing... Me and Nature, we don't like each other too much. In fact, my idea of camping is staying at a hotel with an outdoor pool and no room service. Cliche? Maybe. Totally true for me? Yes.

Bowser and his family have tried to convince me how much fun camping really can be. And, while they have pointed out some fabulous things about it, I have to say that my previous experiences with the Great Outdoors seems to outweigh whatever fun they may have in store. Allow me to present to you my arguments...

Point: We will be camping at a scenic lake in the middle of Rocky Mountain Country. Beautiful views all around and the peace and quiet of nature.
Counter Point: Beautiful views, yes. Also, bears and mountain lions, mosquitoes and ticks. All kinds of creatures that want nothing more than to eat me alive. Thanks, but no thanks.

Point: The Goombas love it! Fishing, running around, hiking, and more! They play so hard that they wear themselves out every day. It is good for their little bodies and souls.
Counter Point: Yes, great for the Goombas! Not great for Daisy. Fishing makes my stomach churn. I'm just not that into catching smelly, slimy things and skinning them for my dinner. Also, when I think "Outside," I think hot and sweaty. I do not like to be hot and sweaty. I like to be clean and pretty with my full face of makeup on. Last time I checked, our tent didn't come with a full bath and vanity. Yes, I am vain. We all have our flaws.

Point: Sitting around a campfire drinking beer and roasting marshmallows.
Counter Point: Ok, well, I really have no argument for this one because that does sound just plain awesome. I'd be happy to set that up in my own back yard.

Point: Sleeping out in a tent, under the stars is so peaceful and restful. The fresh air helps you get such a great night's sleep.
Counter Point: Have you ever seen a horror movie? Outdoors camping seems to be a prime location for bad guys and scary monsters. Sleeping with one eye open and jumping at every little sound does not sound like a great night's sleep to me. I'm just sayin'...

Ok, so I'm sure camping is not all that bad. Lots of people seem to really enjoy it! I am just not one of those people. Never have been, probably never will. I think while Bowser and the boys go this weekend, Peach and I will just "rough it" here, with take out food and some good old fashioned Disney movies. Maybe we will even get crazy and roast our on marshmallows on the grill.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

When Will It End???

I realize that it is only mid-July right now, but I have to tell you, I am already counting days till school starts again. Don't get me wrong, I love summer break. We have had a lot of nice lazy mornings, sleeping in till almost 8 a.m. (which is almost unheard of in our house!), we have enjoyed days where we didn't have to rush to be anywhere at any certain time, and all of that is very nice and good. I remember being Mario's age and being so sad when summer would come to an end, but, my mother would practically be happy dancing around the house as the final countdown began in August. Mom, I totally get it now. I love the Goombas, but for the love of all things holy, I need some time away from them! Plus, all three of the kiddos have always loved and thrived on a schedule. That just doesn't happen so well during the summer.

Our vacation time has actually been going fairly well up until recently. Over the past few days I have started to notice signs that it is time for the summer season to show some mercy and come to an end. Here they are, in random order...

The Top 10 Signs Summer Needs to Come to an End...

10. You have watched all 100 episodes of Blue's Clues on Netflix MORE THAN ONCE, and you are starting to want to move your relationships with both Steve and Joe to the next level. You already have some interesting places to hide the "clues."

9. You have gone through 3 Slip n' Slides, 2 blow-up pools, 4 bottles of sunscreen, a bottle of bug spray, 438 gallons of bubble solution, and 18 packages of sidewalk chalk. And you still have a month to go.

8. You can really only grill hot dogs so many times before no one ever wants to see one again.

7. If you hear the words "but I'm so bored!" one more time, you are going to have to be locked away at the Funny Farm.

6. You are starting to consider just putting all of your fighting kids into one room just to see who comes out alive, rather than break up ANOTHER fight.

5. Your kids refuse to go to sleep before the last bit of sunshine has gone, and they wake up at the first ray of light in the morning. At least in the winter you can put them to bed at 5 p.m. because it is already dark out and they can't tell time yet.

4. Everyone has all kinds of weird suntan lines all over their bodies, and there is always that ONE little spot on the kids, where you missed the sunscreen, and of course they get a crazy sunburn on that spot.

3. You have given up and given in and don't even swat away the mosquitoes anymore. Resistance is futile.

2. You are looking longingly at your jeans, sweaters and boots in your closet, because you realize that tank-tops just aren't looking so hot anymore.

1. Even your 8-year-old gets excited when he sees the back to school signs out at Target.

Only about a month to go, Mommies. We can do this. And on the first day back, breakfast margaritas at my place.


Friday, July 8, 2011

A Quick Opinion...

I know that most of us have been watching all, some, or at least the most recent events in the Casey Anthony trial. I also know that most of us are completely flabbergasted by the jury's decision that she was not guilty. And, since I am not one to keep my mouth shut when it comes to sharing opinions, here is mine...

That woman is crazy. Not just crazy, but seriously sick in the head. There is not a mother I know that would go out and party it up while her daughter was missing. Her daughter was with the nanny? Hell, I even call to check-in when my own MOTHER-IN-LAW is babysitting! To go 31 days without any contact, just seems a little absurd to me. Not a single one of my mommy friends would ever be ok with not knowing where our children are. In fact, we have been known to cut people off mid-sentence and run outside if a child has gone around the side of the house and we can't see them right out the back door. I really just don't understand Ms. Anthony's logic behind her defense. Then again, I am not a lawyer and I am a fairly normal type of mother. I think we can all agree that her actions speak far louder than her words in this instance. And, Ms. Anthony, those actions lead me to believe that you are guilty.

But, let's move on. The fact of the matter is, the prosecution did NOT show the jury evidence beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT that Ms. Anthony was guilty. A jury is instructed before any trial that they must believe BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that the defendant is guilty. I was not in that jury room and I have no idea what was said or deliberated. I would imagine some of the jury members are sick with heartache over the decision they had to make. Maybe someone was paid off. Maybe someone truly believed in her innocence. Maybe any number of scenarios played out. Whatever the case, they came to the decision they did and what is done is done. Am I happy about it? Absolutely not. Do I think that true justice will eventually be served? Absolutely yes.

Here is how I am coping with what I think is a tragedy all around... One day Ms. Anthony's own life will end. Until then, she has to live in her own mind. No one else can know what she is thinking or feeling. And karma sure can be a bitch, so my guess is that she will never rest easy again. When her life does come to an end, she and ONLY she will have to stand in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. No defense attorneys can help her then. No loopholes in the law. No sympathetic jury members. It will be then, and only then, that she will be put to the true trial. And it will be then that she will be sentenced accordingly.

So, my friends, although it is definitely an interesting discussion, I think it is time we lay this story to rest. Let's allow poor Caylee's soul to have some peace. Let's stop giving Ms. Anthony so much time in the spotlight. And let's keep praying that a tragedy like this doesn't happen to another innocent victim.

Sincerely Yours,