I had a mind once. Now I have small children.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Day of School Eve

Does anyone know what tomorrow is???  Besides the fact that tomorrow is Wednesday, it is also the Goombas' first day back to school!  Woo hoo!  I am so excited---er, I mean, THEY are so excited!!!  And, not only is this just back to school, this is Peach's first day of full-day Kindergarten.  You read that right:  All three Goombas will be in the same school, for the same amount of hours, on the same days.  The day has finally come.  And honestly, for all my big talk about being free and partying... Well, I am actually feeling a little bit mixed about the whole thing. 

It started the other day at Target.  Peach reminded me to get something that I had forgotten to write down on my list.  I said, "Oh, thank you, Peach!  I almost forgot!"  Peach shook her head and said, "what are you going to do without me when I am in school all day?  You will forget all the good groceries!"  And then it hit me.  She is right.  I probably will forget most of the "good" groceries.  But, also, what am I going to do without my little sidekick?  Over the past year, we have spent our afternoons together.  Just me and my Peach.  She helps me count Box Tops for the school.  She reminds me what to get at Target.  She comes with me to get my eyebrows waxed and watches carefully, telling the waxing lady if she misses a spot.  I am not going to lie here.  It kinda gave my heart a little squeeze.

Then, just this evening, I was cutting tags off new shoes so they would be ready to go bright and early in the morning.  I was looking at Mario and Luigi's shoes and I thought, "Dang.  Those look big."  So, I pulled out my tennis shoes just to see how they measured up. 

Sure enough, they were the same size as mine.  Mario's are even a bit bigger.  There goes that squeeze on my heart again.  My baby boys have feet as big as mine.  Which means soon they will also be taller than me.  Which means one day soon, I will have to pull out the step-stool and stand on it to yell at them. 

I am so ready for tomorrow.  This brand new chapter in our little land of Goombas.  I am excited for all of the amazing things waiting for them at school and with new friends.  I am excited for myself, to finally get a breather, a bit of a break to catch up on everything I haven't been able to do for 11 years.  But, as with everything else, it is a little bittersweet. 

So, tomorrow morning, I will put my smile on my face, take my babies' pictures and walk them into school. Then, when I get back out to the parking lot, I know I will cry.  In fact, I will probably do the ugly cry for a little bit. 

And then, I will go home and make myself a mimosa and toast the fact that I have done my job.  Dare I say, even possibly a good job!  I have raised my Goombas to school age and we all survived.  Now on to the next adventure!