I had a mind once. Now I have small children.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mommy Freedom!

Peach starts preschool tomorrow. I can't believe it! Do you have any idea what this means??? It means that after 8 years of being home with my Goombas day in and day out, I will finally have 4 afternoons a week of Mommy Freedom!!!

I'm just going to be honest with you here. Some people have asked me if I am sad that my "baby" will be heading off to school. And my answer is a big, fat NO. Allow me to explain...

There is a big difference between nostalgia and sadness. Nostalgia is a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time. Am I feeling a little "nostaligic" that my babies will all be in school? Of course I am! I miss those little bundles of baby burritos that used to lay all sleepy in my arms. And, I would be lying if I said that I sometimes didn't wistfully look back on those times and wish I had just one more moment. But, I would also be lying if I said that I was SAD to be where we are now.

I have no reason to be sad that Peach is going to school. In fact, I am very excited for her. When we went to meet her teacher today, she ran into the room, found her cubby right away and sat down to create a lovey piece of art. She was the sad one when I told her it was time to go home and that she would have to wait until tomorrow to come back for her class. Let's not forget that Peach has two older brothers that are both in school. Why wouldn't she want to go? She is thrilled at the prospect of being a "big girl," and I am thrilled for her.

Also, and let's just really get down to the nitty-gritty here. I have been a Stay-At-Home-Mom for 8 years now. EIGHT YEARS. That is a long time to spend your days wiping butts, looking for lost lovies, and filling sippy cups over and over and over and over again. Please do not misunderstand. I LOVE being home with the Goombas. I love that I have been here for every minute of their lives thus far. But, for the love of all things holy, it is about time I get a break and head to the grocery store ON MY OWN! It's time to let these kiddos explore the world outside of the nest, so that I can maybe (just maybe) get that nest back into some sort of order.

So, tomorrow, you will find me holding dear Peach's hand as I walk her into the classroom and take her picture by her new cubby. I will kiss her little, curly head and tell her I love her, I will see her soon and to have fun. And then, you will find me racing home again, to lie like a vegetable on my couch for 2 1/2 hours, with a beer in my hand, listening to the completely blissful sound of SILENCE! Hello, Freedom, I am looking forward to getting to know you again!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday!

Monday morning. Blah. Why are Mondays just so difficult? No one wants to get out of bed, it takes 2 extra cups of coffee to get moving, and everyone seems just a little cranky to be going from weekend fun to weekday grind. Even the Goombas.

This Monday morning was no different. After hitting the snooze button about 8 times, I finally dragged my sorry butt out of bed and woke up Mario. He did the usual complaining about how he didn't want to go to school, it is so boring, he hates uniforms, blah, blah, blah. The morning continued in the typical way. I had to yell at everyone to just "Sit down and eat your breakfast before I just throw it away!" And, "Where is your homework folder? No, it isn't in your backpack, where did you put it???" And, "Did you brush your teeth? Don't make me go check the toothbrush and see if it is wet!"

During all the hustle and bustle of lunch packing, breakfast eating and coffee guzzling, I heard Luigi and Peach start going at it. Not just yelling at each other, but knock-down, drag-out screaming. I do not have time for this, I thought to myself. I'm still on my first cup of coffee, I cannot deal yet! I let it go for a minute as the screams and shrieks got louder and louder. When I heard a thud, followed by a howl, I had to give in and go upstairs. What on earth they could possibly fighting about this early in the morning--I had no idea.

I trudged up the stairs with my Mean Mommy Face on, ready to drag Goombas to their rooms by their ears. I was in no way prepared for what I saw next.

I came up the stairs to find Peach crying on the floor and Luigi wearing her Deluxe Cinderella Princess Gown. The kind of princess gown that is covered in lace and sparkles with a fluffy skirt and puffed sleeves. And he was twirling around over Peach's sad little body, saying, "I am the Princess, now!!!" Ummm...seriously people. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

When I finally pulled myself together enough to ask what was going on, Peach said, "I want to wear Cinderella!!!" While Luigi yelled, "I am Cinderella because she is blue and boys are blue!!!" Ok, then. I finally appeased them both by explaining to Peach that Luigi was already Cinderella (chalk one up for the list of things I never thought I would say) and that she could be Jammins (Jasmine). Since Jammins is her favorite princess, this seemed to make her happy.

So, now, Luigi is playing with cars and watching Thomas in his beautiful blue gown. Even teasing from Mario didn't deter him from his wardrobe selection. Peach is eating her Cookie Crisp in her Jammins gown. And I am contemplating adding some Bailey's to my coffee, because I already have a feeling it is going to be one of those days.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Happened??

I can't believe it. I'm not exactly even sure what happened. It has been more than a month since I have written or posted anything! I don't even have a good excuse, just that I have been so busy with Goombas, and school, and awards shows, and potty training, and traveling, and... Well, just lots of stuff!

So, where do I even begin? When last you heard from me, I was prepping Goombas to go back to school. And I must say, it is glorious! Mario is in 3rd grade, and Luigi is in 1/2 day preschool 4 afternoons a week. It is just Peach and I on those afternoons and we are having quite a nice time together. Teachers, I don't know how you do it, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being with my kiddos for hours a day, teaching them and loving them and saving them from their demented and deranged mother.

Also on the home front... Peach turned 3 years old last week! Three years!!! It seems like only yesterday that I woke up at 1 in the morning with contractions...and made Bowser so nervous that he stayed in the bathroom for most of the 2 hours until we left for the hospital. My darling Peach, you are our little Princess and we love you. You are also the house Drama Queen, which I thought would be a tough title to win from me, but I don't stand a chance against you.

Speaking of Peach... Guess who is potty-trained??? Peach decided 2 days before her birthday that she wanted to be a panty-wearing princess. I thought it would be a struggle, but it wasn't! I mean, I don't want to brag... Ok, I do want to brag. But, I feel that since this is my blog, I am allowed to do that. It was like she knew all along how to do it! Only 2 accidents and we have been a diaper-free family for a week now! Bring out the champagne!!! Light up the fireworks!!! Sound the alarms!!! We are a diaper free family! I'm sure you can imagine my excitement, seeing as how I have been changing poopy diapers for nearly 8 years (with a small 18 month break in between Mario's potty-training and Luigi's arrival). So, good-bye Pampers! Sayonara, Huggies! Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out, Luvs!!! We are movin' on!

More happenings here in Mario World...
I went to the Awards Show of the Millenium a couple of weeks ago. The First Ever Mother of the Year Awards! It was an awesomely good time, and totally deserves it's own post. Stay tuned for a detailed account!

Bowser and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at the end of August. We went up to a gambling town in the mountains, while awesome Grandma Bowser watched the Goombas overnight. We had big plans... A night of gambling, drinking, and child-free fun! This is what happened... We gambled for an hour, ate too much at the buffet, crashed back in our room at 9 o'clock and fell asleep watching "Date Night" on tv. Not sure what happened to the Bowser and Daisy from 10 years ago, but I'm pretty sure they would severely mock their older selves. The next night, when we got home, I forced Bowser to get out the old VCR so we could watch our wedding video. It was awesome. Good times for sure! And Bowser, I still love ya just as much as I did back then, even if we are old farts that have to go to bed at 9 p.m.

We took a trip to visit the Zaz and the Pop for Labor Day. We stopped in a small town right off the interstate for lunch on the way there. You can't go wrong with a McDonald's play place, right? The Goombas jumped out of the van, ready to get some crazies out, while I ordered the food. Mario came out of the play place with a sad look on his face. "What happened?" I asked. "You have to wear SOCKS to play in their play place," he said. "Can you please buy some for us?" What the... First of all, it was 107 degrees outside that day. Who the heck was wearing socks??? And, honestly, every kid I know wants to play in a play place WITHOUT socks, because of course, it makes it easier to climb UP the slides. But, apparently, they enforced this rule, since my Goombas were told by an employee they couldn't play without socks. So, I went back to the counter and asked for 3 pairs. "That will be six dollars," the man replied. WHAT??? Umm, no thanks. Six dollars for 3 crappy pairs of socks? It was a conspiracy to get all of the travelers to spend even more money!! I told the Goombas to go right ahead with their little bare feet and play. The Sock-Enforcers could deal with me if they had a problem with it. We will not be stopping there again.

Wow! So, I guess that about covers it for now. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful month!!!