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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happiness Is...

Now, I know I have said this before.  But, really, there was a time in my life when I really, really, really couldn't wait to move as far away from my parents as possible.  Boy, was I STUPID!  When Bowser and I were married, I did, in fact, move far, far away from the Zaz and the Pop.  And now I miss them every single day. 

Today, however, I happy to announce that I am HOME!!!!  Home where my Mommy and Daddy can take good care of me and Bowser and the Goombas.  Everyone is so happy!  When we arrived yesterday afternoon, after a very LONG car trip across a very BORING state, Zaz had the pool waiting for the Goombas and Papa had cold beer in the cooler waiting for Bowser and me.  Does life get any better? 

The Goombas played, and then promptly passed out, with grins on their faces at bedtime.  Bowser and I hung out on the party patio with the 'rents and shared laughs.  It just feels so good to be home. 

This morning, I didn't even hear the Goombas wake up.  Would you like to know why?  Because my dear, sweet, kind parents let them snuggle in their bed and they left the door to our room closed.  I slept til 9:15!  9:15!!!!  When was the last time that actually happened???  I'll give you a clue.  It was sometime pre-Goomba. 

Ok, I will admit.  It is not absolutely perfect here.  The heat is crazy and the humidity feels a little bit like a sauna.  Bowser wanted to wrap his head in a towel and wear a short bathrobe outside to illustrate the point.  But, I don't care.  I'll take the sweat, the heat, the damp air.  Because I am home with my Mommy and Daddy!!!

There are just so many, many reasons to love being at Zaza and Papa's house.  Here are just a few...

1--The beer flows like wine.  Literally.  Well, ok, not "literally."  But, for real, the cooler is always, always full.  It. Is. Awesome.

2--As Mario put it this morning, "There is always meat here, and every day it gets better and better!"  Yes, there is always meat here.  Good meat.  Not the cheap crap I buy because of our budget.  Yum. 

3--As I have said before...  the Zaz and the Pop spend time with the kiddos.  Which, in turn, means that Bowser and I get help.  Which means instead of us being outnumbered 3-2, we now outnumber them, 4-3.  Really, the advantage is much in our favor. 

4--For some reason, there is magic in Zaza's world.  My Goombas become polite, helpful, normal children.  It's some kind of phenomenon that I can't really figure out.  She gives them a skittle every time they do something helpful or nice.  If I did that at home, they would attack me, one of them would grab the jar of skittles while the other two tied me up, and all I would hear is sugary laughter coming from some hidden place in the house.  I do not understand how she does it.  Can I just live here forever?

I would love to tell you more, but Zaza just announced that there is more delicious meat to eat and more beer to be drankin'.  Is that a word?  Do I care?  No way, 'cause we are the Land of the Zaz and the Pop, where it is sunshine and rainbows and happiness.

Have a wonderful 4th of July! 


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