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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Drama Aint' Just for Girls...

Another typical night in the Mario house.  We are getting ready to eat dinner.  Since my oh so graceful injury, my dear Bowser has been doing MUCH of the housework.  (By the way, Bowse, my man, thank you and I love you!). Bowser and I had chicken caesar salad wraps, and since the Goombas wouldn't touch lettuce if it were dripping in chocolate (or ketchup in Luigi's case), they were having nuggets and fries. 

I was starving.  Starving!  I needed to eat immediately.  So, the wraps were done before the nugs and fries. We all sat down at the table and said grace and I started stuffing my face.  Meanwhile, Bowser was still waiting for the fries to come out of the oven.  Luigi was getting desperate.  He needed some french fries.  Not just wanted, but NEEDED some french fries.  He started frantically looking around. 

"Wait?  What?  Where are the fries???"  he cried. 

Bowser said, "What fries?  I ate them all already." 

Wrong. Answer. Daddy. 

As Bowser was trying to get the very hot fries out of the oven, Luigi started crying.  But, not just crying.  Actual wailing over the "loss" of his beloved potato-y goodness. 

"Daaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyyyy,"  he howled, "wwwwhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy??????  Why did you eat all the fries????????????????????????"

Bowser replied, "Well, I was hungry."  I would just like to state for the record here that I knew this was a bad, bad, bad response.  However, as previously stated, I was so hungry that I could have eaten my actual plate.  I was not interested in stopping an argument at that particular moment. 

Suddenly, Luigi, my dear sweet child, screamed, "Daddy!  You have RUINED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!  RUINED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now, I might have expected this from a teenager.  Or from Peach, who at 4 years old is on a level of drama I could never even try to understand.  I did not expect it from my 6-year-old son.

Fast forward 5 minutes.  There are, indeed, french fries at the table.  Luigi is happily drowning each one in massive amounts of ketchup.

Bowser says, "Hey, Luigi.  I'm sorry I ruined your life."

"Huh?"  (as if nothing ever happened.)

"I'm sorry that I said I ate all the french fries and ruined your life," Bowser said.

"Oh," Luigi said nonchalantly.  "Well, I THOUGHT you did.  But, now I have some fries, so you really didn't."

Well.  At least we got that cleared up.


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