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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Too much?

This morning I went to Target to do my grocery shopping.  I do most of my shopping at Target for various reasons.  But, mostly because it is my happy place and I like to go there and meander through the aisles and get lost in my Target-y bliss.  I like to go on Sunday mornings for our weekly grocery extravaganza.  The kids stay home with Bowser and I head out by myself with my coupons and my Cartwheel app ready to go.   Sure, I could go on Monday when everyone is in school, but that would be a silly waste of my alone time.  So, I go on Sundays.  I also usually go on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Every once in a while I have to run in for something on Tuesday or Thursday.   Sometimes, when I forget something from the "big list" on Sunday, I will do a quick run through on Monday morning. 

Anyways, today I was doing our big weekly grocery shopping.  I did my usual route through the store.  There is an art to how to go through a Target.  And I never, EVER divert from the path.  When I divert from the path, bad things happen and the bulls-eye gods get angry with me.  Suddenly none of my coupons work, there are only 30% off and not 70% off sales throughout, and it just generally turns unpleasant.  Always stick with the plan.  I did my loop past the registers, through the dollar section, in and out of toys and sporting goods, checked out the Halloween stuff, browsed the clothing and shoe sales, headed through housewares and finally ended up in the grocery section. 

I was about 3 aisles in when I was confronted.  I am still not sure how I feel about what happened.  Good?  Bad?  It is unclear.  Here is how it went down...

Me: walking around corner, into chips and snacks aisle, nearly run over Manager Man.  (Yes, I know his name, but I feel I should stick with my plan and not use real names here, so as to keep his identity a secret.)

MM:  Hi, ma'am.  Are you finding everything ok today?  (at this point, you might THINK I am upset by the "ma'am," but that is not it.  Although, I firmly believe I still look much more like a MISS than a MA'AM.)

Me:  Oh yes.  Thank you!

MM:  Oh.  It's you.  Of course you can find everything.  You probably know this store better than I do!

Me:  uuuuuuuuhhhhh, yeah, probably, I guess that's kinda sad.....   ha? ha?

MM:  Yeah it is! I mean, I see you in here ALL the time. 

Me:  (at a complete loss for a totally awesome comeback) I like Target.  (Good Lord, that sounded LAME.)

MM:  Yes, we can see that!  *chuckle, chuckle, chuckle*

Me:  Well, er, thanks.  Uh, have a good day.

MM:  You too!  I'm sure I'll see you later!  Thanks for helping our paychecks!

I am probably being a little overly sensitive, but I think he might have been making fun of me!  Or, maybe I just really go to Target, like, A LOT.  Too much?  ...sigh...  I think I am going to need some retail therapy to make me feel better about this.  They did have a great looking 70% off rack in women's clothing today. 


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