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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Guilty Pleasures

As Mommies, we give up a lot of things for our kids. We don't mind it, we just do it. But, somewhere along the way, we have to pick up a few guilty pleasures to keep us going. Here are some of mine....

1. Every time we sing "Where is Thumbkin?" I totally crack up when we get to Tall Man. I realize this is very immature, but come on. It is funny! Now, when I am squabbling with Bowser, I just politely give him the "Tall Man" and we both laugh. I also giggle when Word World does rhyming games with words like cart and duck (pretty funny if I do say so myself!) and when the Wiggles sing about "parties," because their Australian accents make it sound like "potties."

2. Magazines. I think I have subscriptions to 12 different mags. I love them. There is something about little nuggets of information that makes me so happy. I read every magazine I get from cover to cover. I love the graphics, the stories, the sidebars, the ads...all of it. I have even been known to read insanely boring magazines like "Scientific American" when I have read all of mine. I think it might actually be a sickness.

3. Naptime. I realize that I should be using the kids naptime for doing things like laundry, and picking up messes and cleaning bathrooms, but I just can't do it! I LOVE naptime. The house is so peaceful and quiet. I don't even turn on my darling friend the television during this most sacred time of day. Bowser does not like this. He says that adults don't need naps and that I should be more productive with my time. After I showed him the Tall Man, I explained to him that chasing children all day isn't easy. And not having a full night's sleep for the past 7 years really takes a toll on your body. So, dear Bowser, you will just have to live with the fact that when the kids nap, I nap. It is a guilty pleasure that I refuse to give up.

4. Facebook. On the days that I do not actually nap during naptime, I love to stalk people on Facebook. Old friends, new friends, frenemies, old boyfriends, Ashton Kutcher, the "perfect" mom in the pickup line at school..... And the games? So many games! It makes me feel like I am "hanging out" with someone other than the small people that ask for milk 37 times in a row by screaming "MMMMIIIIIILLLLLLLLKKKKK NOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!" at the top of their lungs.

5. Fantasizing about the Physician's Assistant at Peach's orthopedist's office. Ooooh, he is like my own personal McDreamy. *sigh* His eyes, his salt and pepper hair, his beautiful smile..... Plus, he is a nice guy and great with kids. And he is a fantastic dresser. Actually, I am pretty sure he is gay. Which makes him even more perfect! A gorgeous man that doesn't want anything from me except someone to go shoe shopping with. I mean, isn't that fantasy EVERY mom's guilty pleasure?

Of course I also rely on the staples: chocolate, beer, glass of wine, pedicures, etc. But, these 5 are my favorites. Without these things, I would lose myself totally in a sea of dirty diapers and splattered applesauce. Oh, hey! I just got a new magazine in the mail....and my kids are singing "where is tall man"...and i have to get ready for Peach's appointment tomorrow...


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  1. Just laughed out loud and read half of this to my "Bowser". We share the same guilty pleasures, from naptime to magazines!