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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just What I Needed (or...Back to Reality)

Whew...what a weekend! First of all, I must say a HUGE thank you to my fabulous Mom-In-Law for taking care of the Goombas while we were away. I know it couldn't have been a particularly easy 4 days and 3 nights, because as she was leaving our house, MIL said, "I'm going to go have a drink!" I hear ya, MIL, I totally get it. Thank you so very much for allowing Bowser and I to have a weekend away. It was a much needed break and we owe you BIG TIME!

And now, for those of you that have been sitting on the edge of your seats, waiting for details, here is the low-down on Wedding Weekend Extravaganza...

It was a great weekend. I was able to hang out with 2 of my aunts that I haven't seen in far too long. We met lots of awesome new friends. Bowser bought shots for everyone and their mother (including my mother) on Thursday night. The food was amazing. The bride was beautiful. The groom was handsome. The beer flowed like wine. The dancing was loud and fun and, at times, raunchy. My Spanx (girdle for those of you not in the know) came off early in the evening, but my shoes stayed on far too long. We closed down the bar on Thursday and were there when it opened again on Friday...and Saturday, for that matter. We slept late. We said bad words out loud and didn't feel guilty. And we even called to check on the Goombas once or twice.

Some highlights of the weekend:

~To begin with...we parked at one of those airport parking lots. Not the ones at the airport, the one that you have to take a bus to and from. We parked, dragged our bags over to the bus and hopped on. I was still on a high from leaving the kids, when I looked towards the front of the bus and saw, "Your driver today is...Jesus." Ok, ok, I know that it was probably "Hay-soos", but really, when you see that Jesus is your driver, you know it is going to be a good weekend.

~After the wedding on Friday night, we hopped into a cab with my parents to get back to the hotel. The cab smelled like peaches. Not just any peaches, mind you, but that fake, sicky-sweet, sugar peach smell. And it was AWESOME! I have been in many taxi-cabs throughout my life, and none, I repeat, NONE, have ever smelled so amazingly delicious. When I mentioned this to Mr. Taxi-Man, he replied, "Well, of course! It better than smell like fart, right?"

~At the reception, somewhere between belting out the lyrics to "Shot Through the Heart" and my 3rd rum and coke, a lovely lady came over to introduce herself. I said I was the sister of the groom and she said, "Oh! The one with the blog, right?" Aak! A total stranger is reading this! Joy of joys! Darling Ms. G, you made my whole MONTH by telling me that! Thank you, and keep on readin' sistah!

~On Saturday, we decided on seafood for lunch. I love seafood, don't get me wrong (when I "see food" I eat it!) but I'm not sure that I was prepared to have Mr. Lobster staring at me with his beady little black eyes. I must say, though, my red-shelled friend, you were a tasty treat.

By Sunday, we were tired and hungover, but also refreshed and ready to get back to responsibility. I missed Peach's curly hair and sloppy kisses. I missed Luigi saying, "You my best friend, Mommy." And I missed Mario's blow by blow description of the most recently conquered level of Mario Galaxy.

So, now we are back to reality. Back to the old grind. Back to the whining and temper tantrums and the diapers. Back to hugs and messy kisses and sticky hand prints all over my body. And it feels good to be home.

Congrats again to my Bro and his new Mrs! It was a lovely wedding and I'm glad we were able to be a part of it.


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