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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Weekend Away

My baby brother is getting married this weekend. I want to start by saying that: 1) It makes me feel old that my BABY brother is taking the plunge and getting hitched. I remember when he was born. How is it possible that he is old enough for this to happen, 2) I am very happy that he has found the love of his life, and 3) I SOOOO can't wait for him to have kids. They are gonna love Auntie Daisy! And I am gonna love watching he and the Mrs. navigate parenthood. Insert Dr. Evil maniacal laugh here--Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

I am very excited for the pending nuptials, but I think, perhaps, what I am the most excited about, is that Bowser and I are getting an ENTIRE child-free weekend. That hasn't happened since...well...since we were actually child-free. The Goombas will be spending four glorious days with Grandma and Grandpa. They are so excited that they are already counting down the seconds till they get their "vacation" at Grandma's house. When I asked Mario if he would miss us while we were gone, he replied, "I will pretend if you want me to." Thanks, honey. Don't worry, the feeling is mutual.

I imagine Thursday morning to go something like this...
7:20 a.m. -- Grandma arrives to pick up Goombas.
7:23 -- Give Grandma list of important info (ie: medication, pediatrician number, false contact info for Mom and Dad).
7:25 -- Say good-bye, kiss Goombas, lots of hugs and snuggles.
7:26 -- Bowser and I jump in car, screaming "FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!" Braveheart style, at the top of our lungs, laughing all the way to the airport.

Please, don't get me wrong. I love my children with all my heart and soul. Of course I will miss them. But, they have been in constant contact with my body since, I think, forever. A weekend away is just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, to lie in a hotel bed, with the shades pulled till sometime past 6:30 a.m. To go out for the evening without worrying about getting home too late for the babysitter. To wear a beautiful dress without vomit or snot wiped down the front--unless, of course, it is my own. High heels, champagne, no dirty diapers. Four full days of being Daisy again. Not Mom. Just Daisy. I can hardly contain myself.

I am so giddy with excitement, in fact, that I already have my bags packed. As a self-proclaimed Queen of Procrastination, this is a big deal. My strappy dancing shoes are in the bag, along with a vast assortment of large earrings that I can't wear around the Goombas. (I happen to like my earlobes, the Goombas like to see how far they will stretch when they pull on said large earrings.) Who knows...I might even pack the "fancy panties" for the weekend. Of course, since I haven't worn them since pre-kids, they might not look so "fancy" anymore, so maybe scratch that.

The thing is, I just want to catch that glimpse of the old me again. The irresponsible, fun-loving, party girl. Because, I know that after just a couple of days, I'll be ready to come back and be the me that I am now. Mommy to the Goombas, responsible, still fun-loving Daisy.

So, congrats to you, Lil' Bro and Almost-Mrs. Lil' Bro! I can't wait to see you both this weekend! If you have trouble finding me, I'll be the one planted strategically between the bar and the dance floor the entire night.


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