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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok, here comes another confession. I am a slave to Hallmark. I am their perfect target. And I love Valentine's Day. A day dedicated to the people you love? Sure! I'm up for that!

I realize that some people say you should make time to tell your loved ones how you feel every day. And I know that you shouldn't be romantic only one day a year. But, here is the thing... When life begins to take over and you are driving kids to sports practice, running errands, taking the carpool both directions and trying to keep track of everyone's appointments and belongings, well, the truth is, we sometimes forget to be romantic and appreciate the ones we love. I personally think it is nice to have one day a year where we can be cheesy and mushy. Everyone could use a little nudge in Cupid's direction now and then.

I'm so thankful for all of my Valentine's this year. My Bowser, Mario, Luigi and Peach. Sweet Mario made cards for each of us, without being asked, and hid them for us to find as surprises. Luigi has been walking around all day saying, "Happy Balentime's Day!" And Peach's breath was taken away by all of the hearts on the table at breakfast this morning. Bowser and I had a lovely dinner last night in our own kitchen after the Goombas were in bed. They also all surprised me with this totally awesome cake, which just might be one of my favorite Valentine's EVER!

My life and my heart would never be complete without my darling Goombas and my dearest Bowser.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! xoxo


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