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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New York, New York! Part 3 (with a bonus blog at the end)

And so the end of our trip came. We packed our bags and headed to the airport. Mario and I cried together over leaving awesome family and beloved New York. We were all mentally spent. We were all looking forward to getting back to our home, the Koopa Troopas and our own, cozy beds.

While we waited at the terminal, there was a cool little kids play area off in one corner. Perfect. Kudos to you, Jet Blue, for knowing that kids need to run around a bit before they get strapped into an airplane seat for hours. The Goombas loved it. They climbed, they jumped, they ran, they made Bowser and I feel very tired. When the time came to board, I just knew they would be so worn out that we would all relax on the way home. I. Will. Never. Learn.

They bounded down the aisle to our seats with as much enthusiasm as they did at the very beginning of our trip. Of course, we had to play musical chairs for a while before everyone was happy with who they were sitting next to. Luigi wanted snacks right away. Mario said he NEEDED a Dr. Pepper to help him stay awake for the entire trip. Peach... Well, Peach did NOT want to be on an airplane again.

I won't go into any more detail. I'll just say, it was an incredibly LONG 5 hour flight home. But, we landed safely and breathed a sigh of relief to be back to our familiar place. Luigi and Peach didn't even wake up when we pulled into our garage. We carried them to their beds and they didn't stir a bit when we tucked them in. Mario dragged himself upstairs, not even bothering to take off his shoes, and climbed into his bed. Bowser and I flopped on the couch while the Koopa Troopas attacked us with purring. Home sweet home.

I just want to say once again to everyone in NY... Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful trip. From the food to the laughter, it was a trip we will never forget! Love and miss you all so very much!


A Small-ish Bonus Blog....

Happy Birthday, my darling Luigi!!! I can hardly believe you are a whopping 4 years old!!! My dear heart, you are an amazing child and my life would be so incredibly BORING without you in it. Without you, our family could never be complete. Thank you for all the smiles and laughter you bring us every single day. Meow, meow, little kitty! I'm so glad I am your "best friend." I love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, veeerrrrrryyyy much! Have a wonderful day, my love. I can't wait to see all you accomplish in the future! Love, Mommy

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