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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Potty Seat

So, I was using the potty tonight...  Yes.  I use the potty.  Sometimes I even lock myself in there for longer than necessary to escape the madness in my home.  Anyways, I was using the potty tonight when I noticed Peach's little step-stool.  She has one of those potty chair/potty-seat-that-fits-on-the-toilet/step-stool things.  And it is princess, of course.  So, I am looking at it, as I am potty-ing, and I notice the warning on the top of the cover.  It reads:

Warning:  Do not exceed 200 pounds on step stool. 

Which begs the question...  Ummmm... what?

Basically, this tells me that someone who weighed more than 200 pounds, stood on this particular type of potty at one point, obviously fell down in some sort of fashion, and sued the potty company because he/she was not able to logically come to the conclusion that someone of that body mass should not actually stand on a small, pink, plastic potty chair as a form of balance. 


Ok, then.  Also, this winter, I am putting a sign out on my front porch that reads:

Do not eat the yellow snow. 


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