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Monday, April 15, 2013

An Advertisement

I have decided that it is time for me to capitalize on my strengths and at the same time, teach my Goombas... something.  So, I am starting my very own business and here is my first advertisement.

Daisy's Home Hospice for Dying Plants

Do you have a beloved Fern that has seen better days?
Are you having a difficult time letting go of your splotched-leaf Colea?
Are you ready for your Peace Lily to rest in peace, but aren't sure how to make it happen?

Look no further, Daisy is here to help!

At my Home Hospice for Dying Plants, I use my gentle black thumb to help put your plants out of their misery.


  I use my special techniques that allow your plant to let go without pain or agony.  These techniques include:

Forgetting to Water
Letting Cats Nibble
Allowing Cats to Use as Litter Box
Children Digging and Playing in Dirt (thus effectively destroying roots)
 Leaving in Sun 'til Burned
Drowning in Water
Using Beer instead of Water to Nurture

No plant is too hardy for me to help--even Cactus!


Stop the struggle today.  Bring your plants to my Home Hospice and I will help put your loved ones to rest.  

Call 1-800-BLACK-THUMB to schedule your free consultation today.  Don't live in the area?  Ask for my PDF booklet, "How To Kill Your Plant in 10 Days or Less."


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