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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Baby Peach!

To my dear, sweet Peach,
Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Girl! I cannot believe how fast your 2 first years of life have flown by. You are so much fun to have around. Daddy and I sometimes can’t stop staring at you with your big blue eyes and crazy, curly hair…you are so beautiful! You are such happy little girl, and so good, too, but you sure have already given us a few gray hairs.

My darling daughter, here are some of the things that I love the most about you…

~Your wild, crazy, Shirley-Temple-curly hair. I have to admit, I don’t even know how to begin to style it. It’s not only curly, but it is frizzy, too, because you sleep on it and rub your head around. There are days when your hair actually gives you almost another 6 inches of height and makes you look like a mad scientist. And I love it. I wouldn’t trade your precious curls for anything.

~You are a major flirt. If there is a boy within 100 feet of you, you will bat your thick eyelashes and give a shy little look over your shoulder. When we carpooled last year with a 6th grader from Mario’s school, you would get all doe-eyed when he would get in the car. You would share your Goldfish crackers with him (which you never do with your brothers) and you would keep saying his name to get him to turn around and look at you. And of course, he fell for it hook, line and sinker. Daddy better go buy a gun now, because if you keep this up, you are going to have every man you ever meet wrapped around that pretty little finger of yours.

~You adore your brothers unconditionally. No matter how mean they are to you, you still worship the ground they walk on. Mario loves Wii, so you love all things Wii. Luigi loves Thomas the Tank Engine, so you love all things Thomas. When they decide to give you some attention, you look at them with an expression on your face that I imagine my face would look like if Ashton Kutcher paid any attention to me. You revel in it. Sometimes Mario will get you giggling so hard that I think you are going to burst. Other times, you and Luigi will chase poor Koopa Troopa 2 around the kitchen till you are all dizzy and then you will laugh and laugh. I love that you love them so much. And I love that they are going to be there to protect you forever.

~You will eat anything that I put in front of you. No, I am not kidding. Anything. No cooking a separate meal of grilled cheese and apple sauce for you, Girlie! Steak, chili, buffalo wings, pickles, salad, fish, and so much more. At one meal, you can eat more than both of your brothers put together. Maybe someday you will need to worry about that, but for now, my love, eat away and enjoy!

~You were so very good and calm when you were in your spica cast for 3 months. It was me who was the basket case. You just dealt with it and kept on enjoying being you. Oh sure, you cried after each surgery, and I could tell when the cast would be getting too tight, but all in all you handled it like the rock star that you are. Even though you mostly wanted to sleep with me in the rocking chair during those months, I have to admit, snuggling with you while you slept was so very nice. I was so proud of you during those months. And now, I fully expect you to become a gold metal gymnast in the Olympics to make up for that time.

~I love that you are SO very girlie! From very early on, you have loved all things sparkly (just like me!), and all things princess (just like me!). It sure is fun to have some pink around the house. I love that you (almost always) let me fix your hair in piggy tails. I love that you want to wear my jewelry. I love that you are already opinionated about the clothes you want to wear. I love that you want to watch princess movies with me. And Daddy and I both love how snuggly and kissy-faced you are. You love to give kisses and we love to get ‘em.

~When you crawl, you do this adorable little head-bobbing thing, like you are prancing. It is probably the most insanely cute thing I have ever seen. Now that you are learning how to walk, you are bobbing your head and doing a marchy-kicky kind of walk. I love it. I totally see performing in your future.

I remember when I found out I was expecting you...I realized it when I fell asleep in a parking lot and woke up craving pepperoncinis. It was such a surprise that Daddy tried to read the directions on the pregnancy test in Spanish and got angry when he couldn't understand them. You have been the sweetest surprise we ever had.

Little Loaf, I am so happy to be your Mommy. I am looking forward to playing dress-up with you, having tea parties, arguing with you when you are a teenager, watching you walk down the aisle to meet your prince someday, and being there when you hold your own baby for the first time.

I love you so much! Happy Birthday, Curly!

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