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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trouble with a Capital "T"

I always wanted a daughter. I love my sons more than life, I really do. But, deep down inside I always wanted to have some pink in my life. Then, when my darling Peach came along, my dreams came true. With two big brothers to protect her, I thought it was a perfect way to complete my family. When I told my mother that we were expecting a tiny bundle, of the rosy-colored persuasion, she immediately said, "And I hope she will be just like you." Hmmm... Well, I was an awesome daughter, so really, that would be a blessing, right? Yes, well, we all know how very, very wrong I can be sometimes.

My Peach is a sweet, curly-haired, bow-tie-mouth, princess-loving, gown-wearing, shoe-loving girl. And yes, Zaz, she is exactly like her mother. There were signs that she might take a bit after me when she started using tears to manipulate the people around her. Not that I have EVER been able to squeeze out a real tear to make someone do my bidding, but DAMN! This girl has a gift! I have a feeling that someday, when she is in high school, her poor father's head will explode while listening to the two ladies in his life battle for power.

...Sigh... It really didn't hit me, though, until this evening. Tonight sealed in my mind the fact that my daughter is NEVER able to leave the house without me, because she will surely be EXACTLY like me. Which, looking back now, as a mother, is not all that spectacular.

It is a typical Saturday night in Mario-Land. We are relaxing in front of our best friend, the television, while the Goombas giggle at Looney Tunes, and Bowser and I sip on a beer. Peach crawled up on the sofa next to her Daddy, batted her long eyelashes and said, "Can I have a drink, pwease?" Now, the boys have both tried our beer before and they think it is gross. With this in mind, he thought, "Sure! I'll give her a sip, what is the harm in that? She is going to think it is disgusting anyway!" Apparently, he does not remember that my love of the golden bubbly stuff goes way, way back to my early years. And this, my friends, is how I know that my daughter is going to turn my hair gray sooner rather than later...

She took a small sip of Bowser's beer. She looked at him, her eyes lit up and she said, "Yummy!!! More!!!!" AAAK!!!!! Surely this is just her being silly, so he offered one more small drop to her. "This is GOOOOOD!!!!" she said, with her wild curly hair framing the blissful look on her face. Dear Lord, I know that look. I better start praying now....


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