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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Things You Didn't Know About Daisy

So, you think because you have been reading for a while that you know me, huh?  Well, you might be surprised at what I am hiding in my "secret garden."  Just when you think you know what song is about to come up on my iPod, or what I'm going to order for dinner--BAM!!! I'm gonna lay one on you that comes totally out of left field and you will be left scratching your head saying, "Wha???" (You know, like the Minions on Despicable Me.)

All righty then.  Here we go.  Five things you never knew about Daisy...  In random order...

5.  I like to think of myself as a music connoisseur.  I don't listen to teeny-bopper-candy-pop. That being said...  when I am alone in my car, I love to blast Taylor Swift's "Love Story," 'N Sync, and Backstreet Boys.  I swear I am worse than a 12-year old.  

4.  If I were on Death Row, for my last meal, I would choose Caesar Salad, New York Style Pizza, Cool Ranch Doritos, a jar of pickles, a 6-pack of Keystone Light, a fresh, crusty baguette with olive tapenade from my favorite Italian deli, and for dessert, a bottle of Ballatore Spumante.  And I would eat/drink every last crumb.  In fact, since I will most likely never find myself on Death Row, I think I just came up with my dinner menu for tonight.

3.  When I grow up, I really want to be an author of a best-seller, a movie star, a famous pastry chef, a stand-up comedian, or a bum traveling around Europe, doing odd jobs to make money.

2.  I very, very, very rarely leave my house without make-up on.  Even if I am wearing my sweat pants and a grubby old t-shirt, you can bet your bottom dollar that I have my "face" on, too.  It's kind of a sickness.  I won't even do just the mascara and lip gloss thing.  It has to be full on foundation, powder, shadows, liners, and the rest.  If you are one of the few that have seen me without it, be careful, 'cause if you tell anyone, you might find yourself sleeping with the fishies. 

1.  I refuse to wear the color orange.  It's a long story.  Let's just say that what happens in middle school does not always stay in middle school.  Sometimes it stays with you for the rest of your life.  And orange is NOT a puke-y color! 

So, there you have it.  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle!  (Sorry.  Lame G.I. Joe reference.  I should add strange, random 80's references to my list, huh.)


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