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Friday, April 27, 2012

All By Myself...

Last Saturday, Bowser took all of the Goombas on a Jeeping trip in the mountains.  Yes, you read that correctly... ALL. THREE. GOOMBAS.  Do any of you have any idea what this meant for Daisy?  That's right!  It meant nearly nine straight hours of ME time!  Just me.  All alone.  With no one to take care of but myself.  Needless to say, I was just a little excited.  I mean, everyone knows I love my dearest Goombas, but alone time is hard to come by, so I will take it whenever I can.  Especially when it is a full day!

I started planning about a week ahead of time what I was going to do with myself all day long.  I have so many projects to get done, this would be the perfect day for a lot of them.  My To Do List looked like this:

~Scrub all bathrooms til the sparkle (We have 3 1/2)
~Finish laundry and put it all away (instead of leaving it all in baskets in my bedroom)
~Clean kitchen and go through cabinets to purge any unused items
~Start sorting stuff for garage sale
~Dust and clean the ceiling fans
~Make myself a healthy lunch
~Sort out the mess of shoes in the laundry room and get rid of everything that is too small for the Goombas
~Have a nice meal ready for Bowser and the Goombas when they got home

Here is what actually happened:

~Cleaned the downstairs bathroom floor because it smelled like peepee and I really couldn't put it off any longer
~Watched Legally Blonde
~Watched Legally Blonde 2
~Went to Good Times and got a large greasy burger with an extra large order of wild fries and dipping sauce (all with a Diet Coke, of course)
~Watched Sweet Home Alabama
~Texted some friends
~Called the Zaz and the Pop
~Took a long, hot, uninterrupted shower
~Took a nap
~Ordered take-out for when everyone got home for dinner

 And, let me tell ya, it was AWESOME.  I'm already looking forward to their next Jeeping trip.


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