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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Lament of Stinky Bunny...

Oh, Bunny that Stinks,
We all miss you so.
Your ugly green fur
and your sad little bow.

You helped out Luigi
night after night,
without you in his crib
we were in for a fight.

I grabbed you one night
in an exhausted haze,
I just wanted some sleep
to get through my days.

You came through like a champ
oh green, stinky one,
and from that night on
you were bound to my son.

He chewed on your tag
and chewed on your ears,
you were his best friend
through his earliest years.

Then you met your demise
in such a sorrowful way,
I shudder to think of
what happened that day.

Our sweet lil' Luigi
likes to hide stuff,
and sometimes finding it all
can be really tough.

The night you went missing
we looked and we looked.
We looked high and low
we checked every nook.

We kept up the search
for quite a few days,
I almost gave up
it was making me crazed!

Then I had an idea
I'll just ask the boy,
"Where is Stinky Bunny?
your lovey green toy?"

"In there," he said smiling
pointing to---GASP!!!
His dirty diaper pail
so I ran to it fast!

I ripped the top open
and then held my breath,
I looked through the poop
the pee and the rest.

Alas, Bunny that Stinks,
you were not to be found.
I feared you were already
in the trash mound.

Bowser confirmed it
he changed the pail, yes.
He didn't look for the bunny,
he had to confess.

And so dear Stinky Bunny,
please my apologies accept,
I had no idea
it would end such a mess.

My heart cries to think of you
in the trash heap,
'neath diapers and old food
piled so deep.

We loved you dear bunny,
you brought us much joy.
You were so much more to us all
than just a stuffed toy.

Your matted green fur.
Your scratched up plastic eyes.
Your ratty old bow.
We never had our good-byes.

So farewell little rabbit,
in our hearts you'll always be.
Not just a forgotten toy
But, our Bunny so Stinky.

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  1. Good one! Love the poem! We'll miss you stinky bunny...