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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Mid-January Update

It is mid-January already and I just realized that I have not posted for a couple of weeks. I would love to tell you that I have an incredibly good reason for this...like, winning the lottery and having too many places to spend far too much cash, but, really...I have just been busy. Here is how the first few weeks of 2011 have gone down for the Mario's...

~Mario has a new obsession. Angry Birds. Since Bowser got a new Android phone, Mario has completely immersed himself in the world of Angry Birds. We talk about it at breakfast, in the car after school, at dinner and at bedtime. What is your favorite bird? What is your favorite pig? Which level do you like best? Do you know what my score was? It is enough to drive someone crazy.

~Luigi. My dear, sweet, crazy, Luigi. In all honesty, I thought the obsession with Thomas would be over by now. After all, it has been more than 2 years at this point. I could not be more wrong. We are still in the full throes of passion with the Tank Engine and all his friends. And yet, there is a more...how do I put this...gentle side of Luigi that has been showing up these days. This side of my darling wants me to paint his fingernails blue and wear his sister's dress up clothes. Do I mind? Not really. He is only three. But, there is that little part of me that has to wonder if I have the next Clinton from "What Not to Wear" on my hands here. I mean, the kid knows how to put together an outfit. And he loves wearing high heels. You really haven't seen anything until you have seen a handsome young man with blue fingernails, wearing princess shoes and purple sequins playing at his train table.

~Peach is perfecting her life's mission to be an Academy Award winning dramatic actress. This girl can throw tantrums that would rival any diva. She wants to wear my make-up and when I say no, she throws it all on the ground and cries. When Bowser tries to punish her for pinching her brothers, she bats her eyelashes and her eyes get all watery and she says, "But, I love you, Daddy!" She somehow managed to convince Mario to give her his favorite Mario doll. And she loves to torture Luigi by taking apart his train tracks when he is playing. Have I mentioned that she is only 2? I am terrified at the thought of her teenage years.

~Bowser is getting ready to start another semester of classes for his Master's of Computer Science. I was all excited thinking now that he is in college classes again, maybe fun Bowser will return! Nope. Now it is just grouchy from working and studying all the time Bowser. But, I am proud to say that after 6 classes, he has a 4.0! Yay Bowser!

~Daisy spent the first full week of the year in full-blown illness. Sinus infection, ear infection, and bronchitis. Does anyone know what happens when the Mommy of the house is sick? Let's just say it ain't pretty, folks. Thankfully, my dear doctor prescribed some cough medicine with codeine. Aaaahhhh....nothing like a drug-induced coma to knock a mama out after a rough day of wrangling children. I am now feeling much better and I am totally back on my game. I've even stuck with a couple of my resolutions for the year.

Now here we are on Friday afternoon. And it is almost happy hour! I think I hear pizza and a beer calling my name... Or, probably it is just Luigi calling my name because Peach is pinching him again. I'm gonna stick with the pizza and beer theory for now.


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