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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Shiny, Clean Slate

Happy 1-1-11, everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely, fun-filled celebration last night! I, myself, happened to find myself in bed before midnight. Guess I am just not as young as I used to be. I did not go to bed, however, before making some solid resolutions that I fully intend to carry out in this brand-spankin' new year.

Resolution #1-Learn to let go of the little things. I am a perpetual worry-wart. It's time I learn to let things go. I also tend to overreact just a teensy, tiny bit over little issues. Not anymore! The new and improved Daisy is going to let go of the little things and learn to live life without the drama!

Resolution #2-I am going to lose the baby weight. Did you know that losing weight is the number one resolution in this country? And that most people make it about 3 months before they give it up? Not me. Bowser and I are heading to Vegas for our 10-year wedding anniversary this summer to renew our vows in front of Elvis the way God intended. And we are going to look good when we do it.

Resolution #3-I am finally going to learn how to budget money. I tend to, ummm...how shall I say this? I tend to overspend like Lady Gaga in the Wild Costume Shop. I must get this under control. I want to go to Vegas this summer and I desperately want to go to New York in June for my aunt's wedding. If I don't learn to save some cash-ola, that ain't gonna happen.

Resolution #4-Get this house in order. Organization is another top 5 resolution. But, I really have to get with it on this one. When the Zaz was here last week, she helped me clean out and organize my closet. What an awesome feeling! Who knew there was a cozy, carpeted floor in the bottom of my closet? I sure didn't! It was an inspiration and I am ready to tackle the rest of the house. In baby-steps. After all, God didn't create the universe in a day...I can't expect to make miracles happen in a day, either.

Resolution #5-Last, but not least, I am going to stop yelling so much. My poor Goombas are only going to have memories of a red-faced, high-pitched, high-decibel mother shrieking at them. I prefer for them to not always to think of me like that. As with Resolution #1, I am going to let go of the small stuff. They are children after all. A few extra moments for a snuggle here and there will probably do us all a world of good.

Have a wonderful new year!

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