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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good-Bye 2010!

Another year bites the dust. It is amazing to me how the days can seem to drag on so slowly sometimes, and yet the years can just fly by. 2010 was no exception. Here is a recap of life in Mario-Land over the past year.

~January started out with a celebration--Peach's spica cast came off!!! After 3 1/2 long months in a cast that went from her armpits all the way down both legs, Peach was finally free and her sweet little hips were back in the right place. Although we still have x-rays and follow-ups, things are on the right track. If I could have torn that cast off of her with my own fingers, I would have. Good-bye and good riddance!

~February was fairly quiet. If you can call living with three little Goombas quiet.

~March brought Mario's 7th birthday with it. Wha? How is my baby seven years old? More importantly, how is it possible that I am old enough to have a 7 year old child??? We celebrated in full-Mario style with Yoshi Eggs, lots of Wii playing and our own version of Coin Runners. A good time was had by all.

~April came and went without much of a fuss. Luigi decided sometime during this month that he didn't want to wear diapers anymore. Can I get a whoop whoop?! Potty training had it's moments, but once he got the hang of it, Mommy was down to only one little one in diapers. And that, my friends, is a good feeling. Oh, April is also when I decided that if I didn't start writing about life with the Goombas, my head might actually explode. Finding the humor in motherhood has been so theraputic for me. Plus, the Goombas give me so much material to work with, how could I NOT want to write it all down?

~In May, Peach and I flew down to our favorite sunny, southern state to visit Nana Peach for her 75th birthday. It was a big surprise! We stayed with my very favorite uncle, Uncle Corleone (named as such because, much like the Godfather, you would not want to refuse an offer from him) and his family. We swam in the pool, played with my cousins, surprised Nana Peach, ate WAY too much food and drank way too much rum. It was awesome. Thank you, Uncle Corleone, for a GREAT getaway, and for convincing Bowser to let me stay that extra day!

~In June, we managed to survive the first month of summer break without too much trouble. Luigi turned three in the middle of the month. I'll give you one guess what his party theme was. Here is a hint--Choo Choo! Bowser finished our covered patio and it rocked our world. With the slip and slide and a sprinkler in the yard, the Goombas could play to their hearts' content, while I sat in the shade with the fans going, sipping on my icy cold beer. Heaven itself couldn't be much better.

~July was Wedding Weekend Extravaganza! My baby bro married his new Mrs., and Bowser and I were able to spend the entire weekend SANS Goombas to see it! It was a wildly fun weekend and a much needed vacation for Bowser and I. Plus, we rode in a peach-scented cab. You really can't beat that.

~August was back to school month for Mario and the very first day of school for Luigi. He was so excited to go to school just like his big brother. He thrives at his pre-school and I'm pretty sure he is the class clown. Peach was excited to get a little bit of alone time with Mommy three mornings a week.

~In September our darling baby Peach turned two. Two? Really? We celebrated Hello Kitty style and entered the realm of Princess Obsession. Along with Peach's birthday, Bowser and I experienced one of the greatest night's of our lives. No, not that...get your mind out of the gutter! It was the Great American Beer Festival. And I discovered the greatest beer on earth...Nola's 7th Street Wheat. Total and complete bliss.

~October came and went without any real pizazz. Bowser went camping. I went scrapbooking. We got about 30,000 pounds of Halloween candy.

~November was a busy month. Between doctor visits, school events, birthdays (ahem...as in, yours truly!), getting ready for the holidays and traveling to Zaz and Pop's, there was not much free time left for anything else.

~December came upon us way too quickly and we were in a mad dash to get through the holidays. Everything seemed to scream past us the speed of light as we hopped from one activity to another. Christmas came, and so did the aftermath, but we made it through.

So, here is my toast to the past and upcoming years...

And now, here we are
at the end of another year.
We've had our ups, and our downs,
and our fill of beer.
It's time to ring out the old
and bring in the new,
what the family will throw at me,
I haven't a clue!
Family and friends filled our hearts with gladness.
The Goombas did too, but also filled it with madness!
My three little dears are growing so quickly it seems,
I love seeing them achieve all their hopes and dreams.
Bowser and I are coming up on our tenth
Without him by my side, I'd be a total wench. (he told me to say that!)
A shiny new year will soon arrive
I'm so glad we all made it here alive!
So please raise your glass and share in my cheer,
Be happy, be healthy, and have a very, very happy new year!

Cheers to fun and SAFE new year!

ps--Please, please, please...If you are out enjoying adult beverages on this festive occasion, get a taxi or find a DD to get you home. You don't want to spend the holidays dead. (Had to get in one last Christmas vacation quote of the season!)

pps--What are my resolutions, you ask? Don't worry, you will find out soon.

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