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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Mario....

To my Darling 1st-Born Child,

My dearest Mario, where do I even begin? I have to admit, my sweet love, that I am getting a little choked up just thinking about writing you this letter. Eight years ago, you came along and changed my life forever. Of course, you have always been a little bit stubborn and you didn't want to make your debut until 2 weeks after you were supposed to. But, I have to say, you were worth the wait. I guess technically, you were worth the weight as well, seeing as how you showed up at close to 9 whopping pounds!

I remember when you were born, Daddy and I would sit in the hospital and just stare at you. We couldn't believe that we created someone so beautiful. Even to this day, when I sit across from you at the dinner table, and you tell your funny stories about what happened at school, I find it hard to believe that God gave you to me. When you were just a baby, I was so scared. I even told the nurse in the hospital that she shouldn't let me bring you home, because I was sure to do something wrong! But, Baby Bear, I loved you so much that somehow, being Mommy to you was natural.

You have been such a delight since you were born. The only time you ever get cranky (even now!) is when you are hungry or tired. There are so many things that I adore about you, that I could never fit them all in one little blog. So, I will list just a few here...

Darling Mario, I love...

~Your enthusiasm for learning. Although you sometimes complain that school is boring, I know that deep down you love to learn all kinds of new things. You ask all kinds of questions at dinner about how things work. You want to read anything that people put in front of you. It is incredible and I hope you never lose that need to know more.

~The way you obsess about the things you love. I think you get this from me, sorry. But, when you find something that piques your interest, you go at it with gusto. When you were 4 years old, you decided that you loved maps. You had atlas after atlas, state maps, driving directions from Google, books about the states, and so much more. You would memorize directions and facts from every page and share them with us. I never have and probably never will know another 4-year-old that could give me minute by minute directions across the states of Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. Over the years, the interests have changed, just as they should. I have learned more than I ever thought I could about the planet Saturn, the Green Bay Packers, Angry Birds, and Super Mario Brothers.

~Your gigantic green eyes. All my life, I wished I had beautiful green eyes. You, my son, got them! Someday they are going to melt a girl's heart and you will fall in love and you will have a new woman in your life. And I will be ok with that. As long as she is an virgin-orphan*. (*Anyone that knows me will understand this. It is a topic needs it's own blog post to explain!)

~You are so very good with your brother and sister. Even though I know that Luigi can make you crazy sometimes, you let him play with your things and you are very patient with him. You also adore your little sister. Peach looks up to you and wants to like everything you like. You help her do things, you never turn off the light to the basement while she is still down there, and you can make her laugh like no one else can. You let Luigi "meow" at you while you play games and you let Peach confiscate your Mario doll because she loved it so much. You are the best big brother in the world!

~Your quirky jokes and stories. You have the best imagination, albeit strange sometimes! I remember when you had imaginary friends. Light was your wife and Oscar was your best friend. (One time I stepped on Light. I thought you would never forgive me!) Now, you have immersed yourself in Mario's World, where all kinds of fantastic things happen and you are the King.

Mario, there is so much more that I love about you. I am the luckiest Mommy in the world to have you in my life. As I said before, when you arrived 8 years ago, you changed my life forever. But, my Baby Bear, I wouldn't have it any other way. You asked me the other day if I had a chance to trade you for a million dollars, would I? Absolutely not! Not for a million, not for a billion, not even for a google dollars! You are mine forever, kiddo, no matter what!

Happy Birthday, Kiddo-Bo-Bee-Diddo! I love you!


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