I had a mind once. Now I have small children.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Play Time

I am all about kids using their imaginations. I love hearing the fun, unique and sometimes silly games the Goombas come up with, without the aid of the television or a video game. I also love when the little Goombas play nicely together, because it is not very often. Usually they are fighting like cats and dogs, stealing toys from each other, and trying to figure out ways to get the other one in trouble. But, every once in a while, when all the stars align and the cosmos smile down on the Mario household, we have a moment when everyone is enjoying each other's company AND simultaneously using their imaginations. Then Mommy walks in and finds out what is really going on.

We had one of those rare instances this afternoon. Peach woke up from her nap and since Luigi had lost his Blue's Clues privileges for the day, he decided to invite her into his game. They ran around downstairs for a while, giggling and talking to each other in some kind of pre-school code language that I couldn't quite figure out. Then they decided to head upstairs. Aaahhh...peace and quiet for me! I started folding laundry, and actually got through an entire load, without someone knocking a pile off the couch because their "very favorite shirt EVER" was at the bottom of the stack.

"This is so nice," I foolishly thought to myself. "When was the last time they played so great together?" Then I remembered. The last time they played so quietly and happily upstairs, was the time I found them with all of their blankets, pillows and lovies in the shower stall in my bathroom. Which, incidentally, was also still very wet because Bowser had recently showered. They were apparently having a "sleepover party" in my shower.

With this thought in mind, I figured I better go check on them. They were being far too quiet, with only the occasional muffled giggle floating downstairs. I slowly tiptoed up, not wanting to be too loud, because I wanted to catch them in the act of whatever it was they were doing. I tracked them down to the hallway bathroom by following the sound of laughter. Just before I walked in, I heard Luigi say, "No! Peach! She is taking a bath, leave her there!" Peach replied with, "Oh! Ok, that's right!"

I hesitated for a split second, before I turned the corner into the bathroom. When I finally stepped in, I saw Luigi with no pants on (thankfully, though, he still had on his underpants), and Peach standing with a towel wide open as if she were going to dry something. "Hey, what are you guys--NOOOO!!!!!" At this point, I realized that there were wet stuffed animals lying all over the floor and Peach's Thumper Bunny that she got for Easter was bathing in the TOILET.

...sigh... One of these days I will learn not to leave them alone together for more than a moment or two. I think it is Beer:30 now...


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