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Friday, May 6, 2011

Trouble with Peach

I just had an hour and a half long battle with my 2-year old daughter. That was 90 full minutes of arguing with each other, chasing, pleading, crying, and yelling. And what, you ask, was this disagreement about? My darling Peach decided she did not like any of her clothes and did not want to get dressed. Dear Lord in Heaven, please save me, for someday she will be a teenager and I'm not sure I will be able to handle it.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are usually our mother/daughter mornings. The boy Goombas are both in school, so Peach and I have 4 hours all to ourselves. This morning, we laid on the couch for a while and watched Jammins. (Only for the 4,598,409th time this week.) When I told her it was time to go upstairs and take a shower she asked if she could shower with me. Oh sure, I thought. She likes to clean the walls in the shower with an old poof, so why not. Plus, her darling curls always look so pretty when they are freshly washed.

After the shower, she ran around in her birthday suit, giggling hysterically and screaming, "Naked Baby! Naked Baby!!!" All the while her adorable curls bouncing around her face. I threw on some clothes and said, "Peach! Time to put on your princess clothes!" Suddenly, my sweet little cherub became possessed by the fashion gods and decided that she was most definitely not putting on any of the "trash" she had in her drawers. I couldn't even get her diaper on her. When she went and pee'd on the floor in Mario's room (shhh! Do NOT tell him that!) I finally wrestled her down, kicking and screaming, and strapped on a diaper.

I pulled out a pretty pink dress. "No! I don't like it!"

I chose a cute new shirt with hearts all over it and some brown pants. "NOOOO! It's NOT princess!!!"

I opened all her drawers and told her to pick what she wanted. She proceeded to pull everything out, give it a once over, and toss it to the side like a rag.

At this point, I walked away to go finish getting myself ready. As I left her room, I heard her say, "Haha, Mommy! No get dressed!"

By the time I was done with my make-up and hair, I went in with renewed conviction that this girl was not going to be in the nude all day, whether she liked it or not. She finally picked out a shirt with purple flowers on it. I put it on for her, she looked in the mirror (yes, she loves to look at herself in the mirror) and she said, "No. Too big," and ripped it off. This went on for a while, till I finally found a nearly too small princess outfit from last summer. "Yes! Princess! Now get me dressed Mommy!"

Are you kidding me??? She isn't supposed to be this opinionated till she is at least 12 or 13, right? Have I mentioned that she is only 2??? My boys give me trouble now and then, but they never flat out fight me on things. I've never had to chase them down and sit on them to get their clothes on. I can see my mother now, nodding her head, with a gleeful smile on her face, thinking to herself, "Paybacks are a bitch, aren't they!"

After our long and arduous struggle, Peach looked at me, batted her long eyelashes and said, "You the best Mommy!" Which made me feel better for about a split second, and then she said, "And I the best Princess!"

I am in so much trouble.


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